Essential Boating 101 Safety Tips

boatIt doesn’t matter if you are going out fishing by yourself or you are taking a group of friends up the coast to try a new restaurant, boating safety is essential for fun times. All too often, many boaters get careless after a few trips and think that regardless what happens that everything will turn out fine. One thing is for sure on the water, things tend to go from very bad to extremely worse in the blink of an eye. offers us some essential boating 101 safety tips for making sure you, the boat, and all your passengers arrive back to shore safe each trip.  Look them up for finding Mako boats and all types of vessels.

Make sure you have more than one type of communication device on board in case you must reach out for help in an emergency. If the boat has one radio, make sure you bring a phone or invest in a satellite phone. If you get stranded miles out to see and you have no cell service, you will be glad you spend the couple extra bucks to have a device that works.

If you haven’t already, spend the money to have a professional mechanic inspect your boat at certain times of the year. Just like your car, a skilled mechanic can spot trouble long before it becomes an issue. If the mechanic can see the hoses are damaged and replaces them at shore, you reduce the chance of you having engine trouble 10 miles out to see where no one can help you fast enough.

Never leave the safety of the shore without having each person on board in a life jacket. If you are short, borrow them. There is no excuse for putting anyone at risk on the boat. A rogue wave could capsize the boat in the blink of an eye, and then what happens when you can not reach all the people who are in the water?

Plan your trip while you are still back home earlier that day. Chart where all the service stations are along the route, leave detailed notes behind where you plan to travel, and tell someone what time you are planning on returning to the docks. If too much time passes, this person can alert authorities (like the coastguard)  as to where to begin looking for the boat.

If you can not commit these boating safety tips to memory, keep them with you so you can brush up before the boat pulls away from the docks.  For more info like this visit



The Best Places to Research a Local Real Estate Agent

Real estate commission rebatesShopping around for a real estate agent can be trying for those who have no idea where to start this journey. The one thing that you have to remember is that there is no guarantee as far as how long this relationship is going to last. Choosing the most skilled agent however will put you in the best position to close the deal faster. suggests to begin your journey for a skilled real estate agent by reading those local realty publications that you get in the mail. If you do not have any of those publications, head out to the supermarket, there will be numerous realty boxes along the route packed with free magazines concerning local real estate especially one that will offer discounts to services and commission rebates. Inside you are going to see dozens of realtors promoting there houses, keep an eye out for the ones who appear in multiple publications, they are paying good money to stay busy in this space.

Now that you have a list of a few realtors that you want to further investigate, reach out to family, friends, and coworkers, asking if anyone knows anyone who has had recent dealings with a realtor. There are going to be good and bad stories, all of which allow you to narrow down your list just a little further.

Take your quest to Facebook, reading the rants and raves about local realtors in your town. There are numerous groups made for just that purpose, rating the services of local businesses. Read them carefully and decide for yourself if the information is warranted, or did the realtor come to their defense and explain away any unpleasant situations. You can learn a lot about a real estate agent in the way they handle controversy.

Now that you list is really narrowed down to a few, go to the social media profile pages or websites of these realtors. This is where you are going to get even more in dept information on each realtor and see how they interact with clients they have serviced already. If you want to chime in, ask a few questions and compare the answers while you are not under any contract.

Did you know you could buy a home and get commission rebates. Once you find the right realtor, ask if they offer real estate rebates. This is a great way for you to pocket some extra cash once the transaction is completed.

The search for a qualified local real estate agent may seem like work at first, but you will be rewarded in the end.  For more info on Real Estate Rebates :



Staging Your House To Get a Motivated Buyer Quickly

Charleston Real EstateStaging your house is all about presenting it in a way that will get the buyers emotionally invested the first time they see the images. The way you do this is by planning long before you even call a realtor to list the house because they will be coming out to take pictures that hit the MLS listing and you want those images to really connect with potential buyers.

The following tips from Premier One a leader in homes for sale in Charleston SC,  will ensure you are staging the house in a way that attracts the lion-share of motivated buyers:

1. The exterior of your home is going to be key when it comes to curb appeal. Hire a professional landscaping company to cut the grass, trim the trees and bushes, plant flowers, mulch flower and tree locations.

2. Start boxing items not needed until the move and get hem out of the house and into a storage unit. The goal here is to remove as much clutter as possible to make all the rooms in the house look as large and roomy as possible.

3. Take down any pictures in the home of your family and box them up. Getting the buyer emotionally connected to your house is what you are working towards, and they can not do this if they are looking at pictures of your family. Let them focus on imagining their family living there.

4. Rent a power washer and clean the house siding, fences, gutters, windows, sidewalks, driveway, and the deck and patio area.

5. Hire a professional cleaning company to come inside and steam clean carpeting, polish hardwood floors, wash windows, scrub upholstery, and clean all the tile and grout throughout the house. The goal is to make the house look as new as possible.

6. If a room looks old and dated, buy a can of paint and give it a fresh new neutral color.

7. When there are repairs needed in the house, get them repaired before you list the house so the buyer can not use those as reasons to offer you less for the house.

8. Remove all that clutter on counter tops in the kitchen and either get these things in drawers and cabinets or box them up. The kitchen has to look uncluttered, it is the room the family will spend the majority of their time.

Now that you know how to stage the house, start working on the project now so that by the time the realtor arrives to take pictures, your house looks like a model house for sale.