How Can a DUI Lawyer Help You Get a Favorable Outcome at Trial?

Greensboro DWI attorneyTry to go to court without the assistance of a skilled Greensboro DUI attorney and you are going to discover in short order that things can go from bad to worse in the blink of an eye. When you show up to court without legal representation, the judge could consider this being unprepared, and as a result hit you with the maximum fines, and the longest possible suspension of your driving privileges. Don’t pay more than you have to, be sure to reach out to a local DUI lawyer so they can help you get the resolution you desire.

These are a few of the reasons presented by J Scott Smith Law, to have a professional DUI attorney in your corner now before you wind up getting handed a harsh sentence.

The first thing your DUI lawyer is going to do is make it very clear for you exactly what is at stake here. This is not like getting a traffic ticket and getting a slap on the wrist, the judge could fine you heavily or even sentence you to time in jail. The sooner you understand exactly what you have to lose, then you will be in a better position to let the lawyer gather all the information needed to get a favorable decision.

Regardless how skilled you think you may be at defending yourself, you could never access the police evidence and make use of it like a skilled DUI attorney. Your lawyer will subpoena the police report, the equipment used to collect the data, and everything else pertaining to your case. Your attorney has years experience in analyzing the equipment and evidence and can identify anything that may help to lessen the charges in this case.

If the judge comes to a decision that you are not happy with, your DUI attorney knows exactly how to proceed with a plea bargain that could significantly lessen the punishment. not only will the fines be lowered, but instead of your losing your license, there may be an exception made so you can use the vehicle to get to work. This is just some of the things your attorney will be hard at work trying to accomplish on your behalf so the damage is not as severe as it could be.

Now you see why you can not fool around with these type cases and how urgent it really is to have a local DUI lawyer in your corner as soon as possible.