Staging Your House To Get a Motivated Buyer Quickly

Charleston Real EstateStaging your house is all about presenting it in a way that will get the buyers emotionally invested the first time they see the images. The way you do this is by planning long before you even call a realtor to list the house because they will be coming out to take pictures that hit the MLS listing and you want those images to really connect with potential buyers.

The following tips from Premier One a leader in homes for sale in Charleston SC,  will ensure you are staging the house in a way that attracts the lion-share of motivated buyers:

1. The exterior of your home is going to be key when it comes to curb appeal. Hire a professional landscaping company to cut the grass, trim the trees and bushes, plant flowers, mulch flower and tree locations.

2. Start boxing items not needed until the move and get hem out of the house and into a storage unit. The goal here is to remove as much clutter as possible to make all the rooms in the house look as large and roomy as possible.

3. Take down any pictures in the home of your family and box them up. Getting the buyer emotionally connected to your house is what you are working towards, and they can not do this if they are looking at pictures of your family. Let them focus on imagining their family living there.

4. Rent a power washer and clean the house siding, fences, gutters, windows, sidewalks, driveway, and the deck and patio area.

5. Hire a professional cleaning company to come inside and steam clean carpeting, polish hardwood floors, wash windows, scrub upholstery, and clean all the tile and grout throughout the house. The goal is to make the house look as new as possible.

6. If a room looks old and dated, buy a can of paint and give it a fresh new neutral color.

7. When there are repairs needed in the house, get them repaired before you list the house so the buyer can not use those as reasons to offer you less for the house.

8. Remove all that clutter on counter tops in the kitchen and either get these things in drawers and cabinets or box them up. The kitchen has to look uncluttered, it is the room the family will spend the majority of their time.

Now that you know how to stage the house, start working on the project now so that by the time the realtor arrives to take pictures, your house looks like a model house for sale.